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Accommodation Directory:

24 categories of accommodation, with links to individual operators, and the most comprehensive listings of lodgings in the region, including contact phone numbers.

Be it a beachside camp site or luxury rainforest retreat your looking for, you'll find something to suit you.

Activities and Attractions Directory: 23 categories of Sport & Recreation, and Things to See & Do, with an emphasis on those you'd like to know about and be able to contact before you get here.

Retail & Services Directory: Retail outlets, wedding and events venues; hire, environmental and professional services.

  • The First Australians: Prior to 1788, Aborigines occupied all of mainland Australia and most of the inhabitable islands near the coast, including Tasmania.
  • European Discovery: Just 3 weeks after Europeans first mapped the east coast of Australia, Mount Warning was recorded into written history.
  • Australian Whaling History: Whaling was Australia's first primary industry and Byron Bay was one of a number of whaling stations along the east coast.
  • Wollumbin Towns and Villages: A clickable geographical image map (85kb) of the region, with links to descriptions of the major towns and villages of the region.
  • Towns and Villages: A directory of the major towns and villages of the volcano, with average temperature and rainfall graphs (towns only), and links to each town and village listed.


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