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These sites are provided for travellers unfamiliar with Australia. It always helps to find out what a country's like from people who have "been there - done that" before you.

General Information on Australia, including such items as States and Territories, time zones, hazards, credit cards, banking, public holidays, shopping and tipping etcetera, can be found here.

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Australian Based Sites

  • Big Volcano Visitor Guide The pre-eminent site for accommodation, attractions and activities in the Byron Bay to Gold Coast hinterland region of far north New South Wales and south east Queensland, Australia
  • New listing The official Australian tourism website.
  • Australia's Green Cauldron  New listing " one of Australia's 16 National Landscapes - a unique partnership between Tourism Australia and Parks Australia to identify the best places to experience Australia's outstanding nature and culture."
  • Australia's Bicentennial National Trail Updated "Australia's premier long distance trekking route for the self reliant trekker stretches an incredible 5330 kilometres from Cooktown to Healesville..."
  • Bushwalking in Australia  Updated "Bushwalking is an Australian activity. You may know it by a different name such as hiking, tramping, hill walking, rambling or trekking. Bushwalking covers a wide spectrum of walking experiences in natural or green areas. A bushwalk might be a walk along a trail through urban parks or forest near where you live, or it could be a full day walk or camping trip to a national park or reserve." The site for bushwalking in Australia, with info. for each state and territory.
  • CERES global New listing " committed to making trips as environmentally and culturally friendly as well as sustainable as possible."
  • Guide to Australia. UpdatedFrom Charles Sturt University. Many a journey will begin here.
  • Lighthouses of Australia  New listing"Lighthouses of Australia Inc. is a non-profit organisation which aims to create a higher profile for Australian lighthouses within Australia and overseas, and thereby preserve, protect and promote their place within our history."
  • Queensland New listing " a wonderland of adventures - and trust us - you really must see it for yourself." QLD official tourism web site.
  • Rainforest Way New listing "Scenic drive routes through south-east Queensland and Northern NSW"
  • The Travel Doctor-TMVC New listing "... one of the largest individual suppliers of travel medicine services in Australia."
  • Visit NSW The visitor site for New South Wales.  NSW official tourism web site.
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Australian Road Trips

Deutschsprachige Seite Australien Reisen

Global sites

  • Atlas Adrift New listing "A traveler on a budget. A collection of photos and stories from my past travels. As a Canadian, I have traveled extensively through my own country and I hope to branch out to the far reaches of this wonderful planet we are fortunate enough to inhabit."
  • DiveplanitNew listing "...diving and dive travel information by divers for divers"
  • The Little Backpacker. New listing "Everything You Need To Know About: A Working Holiday In Australia".
  • WikiTravelNew listing- the free travel guide.  "Since 2003: the original free, crowdsourced travel guide with 300,000 writer/travelers visiting every day"
  • Your Secret Travel - travel blog community