A directory to useful outdoor recreation, leisure and adventure sites, including codes of practice, operational guidelines, policies and safety management for educational, environmental and various outdoor and adventure activities.

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A directory of useful outdoor recreation, leisure and adventure sites, including codes of practice, operational guidelines, policies and safety management for educational, environmental and various outdoor and adventure activities.

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  • American Hiking Society "A national nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting hiking and to establishing, protecting and maintaining foot trails in the U.S.".
  • American Trails "is the only national, nonprofit organization working on behalf of all trail interests, including hiking, bicycling, mountain biking, horseback riding, water trails, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, trail motorcycling, ATVs, snowmobiling and four-wheeling. American Trails members want to create and protect America's network of interconnected trails."
  • American Whitewater Association "Founded in 1954, American Whitewater is a national non-profit organization with a mission "to conserve and restore America's whitewater resources and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely." American Whitewater is a membership organization representing a broad diversity of individual whitewater enthusiasts, river conservationists, and more than 100 local paddling club affiliates across America. The organization is the primary advocate for the preservation and protection of whitewater rivers throughout the United States, and connects the interests of human-powered recreational river users with ecological and science-based data to achieve the goals within its mission."
  • American Mountain Guides Association "For over 30 years, the AMGA has been dedicated to supporting the guiding community through excellence in education, standards and certification to enhance the quality of services provided to the public, while serving as a resource for accessing and protecting the natural environment."
  • AdventurePro - The Australian & New Zealand Outdoor Adventure Directory Excellent outdoor and adventure website, with extensive resources and operators information, along with a great newsletter.
  • Australian Speleological Federation (Inc) Code of Ethics and Conservation for caving. Pity there isn't a link to their front page, there's a lot of good info. on it.
  • Big Volcano School Camps and Outdoor Education Centres Links to web sites and phone directory of OECs and Outdoor recreation in the Byron Bay, Northern Rivers - Gold Coast hinterland region of NSW and QLD, Aaustralia.
  • Bushwalking Australia "Bushwalking Australia Inc. was formed in 2003 after many years of negotiation between the Walking Federations established in each State. We work to ensure Australia is an enjoyable, pleasant and safe place to walk for everyone.  [We are] the National body representing the interests of bushwalkers and other recreational walkers. There are many issues affecting bushwalkers which extend beyond the boundaries of any one State or that require some level of national coordination or support."
  • Cruisin' without Bruisin' - Code of Practice for Recreational Vehicle Users This code of practice for recreational vehicle users in Tasmania could be applied anywhere active recreational activities are allowed.  "Four Wheel Driving Notes for Tasmania - Code of Practice.  ... This information has been produced for those people who love driving for recreation. It sets out a code of practice and complements the Policy for Recreational Vehicles on State-Owned Lands in Tasmania."
    • Leave No Trace From the National Park Service of Tasmania, the information is aimed at bushwalkers (hikers, backpackers, trampers) who intend to camp out in Tassie's parks, but is good advise overall.
  • International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations ( IFMGA) "The IFMGA is an international association of mountain guide associations from all over the world. They represent all mountain guides of their country, which are qualified according to the IFMGA guidelines."
  • Internet Resources for Outdoor Recreation Research Excellent resource, comprising a comprehensive directory "intended to serve as an Internet resource guide for outdoor recreation students, researchers and practitioners".
  • THE NATIONAL CODE OF PRACTICE FOR RECREATIONAL AND SPORT FISHING (2001) "The National Code of Practice is a voluntary agreement among Recfish Australia’s 11 national and state/territory fishing member associations which prepared and endorsed its 13 points. These associations represent a diverse range of recreational and sports fishing practices, including inland and saltwater fishing, diving, rock fishing and game fishing."  Also available in PDF format download.
  • New Zealand Mountain Guides"The New Zealand Mountain Guides Association (NZMGA) was formed in November 1974 to establish a consistent training programme for professional Mountain Guides in New Zealand. Its founding members drew on the wisdom of former guides thus ensuring the skills, knowledge and tradition gained from 100 years of guiding was not lost."
  • New Zealand Mountain Safety Council "... (MSC) is a national organisation and incorporated society with a mandate from our member organisations to encourage safe participation in land-based outdoor activities. The organisation operates from the high tide mark to the peak of Aoraki/Mount Cook and is principally focused on abseil techniques, alpine skills, avalanche awareness, bushcraft (walking, camping, tramping and survival), firearms safety, outdoor and workplace first aid, outdoor safety, risk management and river safety."
  • Outdoors New Zealand "is the peak organisation providing leadership and support to the outdoor recreation, outdoor education and adventure tourism community."
  • Outdoor Access Scotland *This website is where you can find out all you need to know about statutory access rights, responsibilities, and how to manage access. ... [with] Advice for Land Managers, Advice for Countryside Users, Advice for Recreation Managers" in Scotland.
  • Outdoor Education Research & Evaluation Center. "The Outdoor Education Research & Evaluation Center provides resources about outdoor education and related programs, such as residential camping, experiential education, and adventure therapy.  The main topics are philosophical, theoretical, research, & evaluation aspects of such approaches to education and development, as well as practical resources such as games and initiative activities, job listings, conferences, and training. ... [with] links to free, full-text academic summaries, overviews, articles, and opinion about outdoor education and related programs. Examples of programs and links to videos and powerpoint presentations are provided, where available." 'Nuff said!
  • Outdoors Victoria (OV) "A not-for-profit, membership organisation, Outdoors Victoria (OV) provides advocacy, representation, support, coordination, research, information services and policy development for members and other interested parties involved in: Outdoor Education, Outdoor Recreation, Outdoor Tourism, Outdoor Therapy, and Outdoor Sport."
  • Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links "The mission of Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links™ is to provide visitors with a meta-site including links to other Web sites containing original content which is informative and useful to the online hiking, trail, walking, and Wilderness communities."  Choose From Thousands of Trails and Hikes."  If you want to find a new hiking challenge, there are plenty to choose from here, with coverage expanding worldwide.  Fast loading, effective design.  A must visit.
  • SPACE.com Space Tourism "On April 28, 2001, Dennis Tito, a California-based multi-millionaire, became the first ever space tourist. Launched into space in a Russian Soyuz capsule, Tito proved that traveling beyond Earth's gravity was not just the province of a select few, but that anyone with drive, determination - and at this point in history, a lot of money - could become an astronaut." Learn the latest news about space tourism and space tourist trips into outer space. SPACE.com looks at the growing business of space tourism.
  • USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station "Our mission is to conduct broad-scale social science research and synthesis that leads to better understanding the meaning of emerging societal changes for current and future natural land policy and management with an emphasis on relationships with recreation and public lands."

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