Profiles of candidates in the MAX BOYD GROUP and transcripts of papers presented at the
Sustainability and The Future of the Tweed forums arranged by Cr. Max Boyd and fellow candidates.

Max Boyd Group

Sustainability and The Future of the Tweed

Media Release

Tweed Shire: At The Cross Roads

Cr. Max Boyd and fellow candidates in the 'MAX BOYD GROUP' are inviting residents to a series of presentations by 16 eminent Australian Academics, Scientists and Business people during February 2004 in the lead up to the Local Government election on 27th March 2004.

'The Tweed is at the cross roads as to the quality and quantity of development that is allowed to occur if the spectacular scenery and unique biodiversity we cherish so much is to be retained.' Cr. Boyd said.

The series of five afternoons sessions have been organised to raise awareness and generate debate on sustainability, tourism, the close relationship between water and population growth, marine biology, sugar industry. agriculture, creating prosperous communities, flora and fauna of our rainforests, water reuse, plantation forestry, urbanisation and the environment.

The 'MAX BOYD GROUP has used a concept borrowed from the Lord Howe Island Board in taking a totally new and novel approach in the pre-election period by organising this forum.  'We have brought together this group of interesting and eminent speakers who will deliver addresses on a wide range of topics all of which have relevance and significance for the future of the Tweed.

The topics and speakers have been chosen to help residents to better understand the issues and to make more informed decisions about the direction they would prefer the Tweed to take in the future.

'The TWEED SHIRE; AT THE CROSS ROADS' talks will occur between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. (DST) at the following venues on the dates as shown :-


Papers and Presentations:

All papers and presentations remain the property of their respective authors.

A Sustainable Future for the Tweed - Professor lan Lowe

The evidence is clear. It will be very difficult to sustain the way we are currently living, and the sort of growth promoted by some is certainly not sustainable.

To be sustainable, our way of life should not be eroding our resource base, should not be causing serious environmental damage, and should not be producing unacceptable social problems. I believe our present lifestyle does not satisfy any of those main criteria.

We are using resources future generations will need, damaging environmental systems, and reducing social stability by widening the gap between rich and poor. It is just irresponsible to claim that we can continue to increase resource use, accelerate the scale of environmental damage and keep widening the divisions in today's world.    Read the full text here

Tweed Agriculture at the Crossroads - Brian Keating, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems

Outline of talk presented at Kingscliff Amenities Hall, 15th February 2004

The talk will explore the forces shaping Australia's rural landscapes, with a particular focus on the pressures in coastal regions experiencing rapid economic growth and demographic change.

The issues facing agriculture in the Tweed will be discussed in the context of other regions along the north-eastern seaboard, in particular regions where the sugar industry features prominently in the rural landscape. Insights from rural landscape research in Europe elsewhere in Australia will be explored.  The talk will develop the argument for a broader, more diversified view of the role agriculture might play in future landscapes.  Read the full text here

The creation of a Marine Environmental Field study and Resource centre and interactive museum at Hastings Point

Ted Brambleby and Kerrie Trees

This paper is a corroboration and corollary to a presentation about our marine facility and its role in promoting Marine Environmental awareness, the imperative to protect the natural integrity of our Tweed coast Wilderness heritage.  Read the full text here

Max Boyd Group Profiles

Portrait of Max Boyd A.M.
Max Boyd A.M.

Max Boyd AM

Dedication, Passion, Service, Experience, Performance, Commitment.

With 39 years in Local Government, Max Boyd holds the record for continuous service in the Tweed Shire becoming the first Mayor of Tweed Shire in 1993.

Elected as President/Mayor of the Shire on 18 occasions he topped the polls in 1964, 1977, 1980, 1983, 1987, 1991, again in 1995 with an all time record number of primary votes and ran second in 1999. He has served 11 terms as President and served 7 terms as Mayor.  Read his full profile here

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Declaration of Interest

Big Volcano and the Ecotourism Resource Centre are proud to sponsor these pages for the Max Boyd Group in the upcoming Local Government elections to be held on Saturday 27 March 2004.

In the past we have sponsored many community organisations in this way. This is the first time that we have done so for any political organisation. We are doing so now only because we deem it urgent to halt and reverse the damage done since the last Tweed Shire Council elections by the heavily developer influenced so-called “Balance Team”.

Since this conservative dominated council has come to power we have seen the Shire's highly competent and ethical Development Officer David Broyd hounded out of office by some self interested councillors and their developer friends.

The tourism related projects approved by this right wing council have been ad hoc, huge, environmentally unsustainable and will be in all probability, of little economic benefit to Tweed ratepayers.

In the nearly two decades that we have watched the process of council politics in the Tweed Shire, we have been consistently impressed with the selfless, intelligent and principled activities of Max Boyd and the members of the Max Boyd Group.

Please read the pages found here and learn about the ways that we can become a prosperous community without destroying the priceless natural assets that make this one of the best places in the world to live.

When you have learned how energetically and unselfishly Max and the Max Boyd Group are working for a sustainable Tweed Shire, we hope you will give them the opportunity to get back to the work that needs to be done.

Please vote for them, give your preferences on to the Greens, the Labor Party and those independents who oppose the sort of development we have seen so much of along our coastal strip lately. Together we can do it!

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